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At YES, we create lifelong literacy experiences for young children of color.  We believe that everyone, especially children should have the opportunity to confidently read, write, listen, speak and question.  By working with local community organizations and our extended YES family, which includes YOU too, we can offer experiences that readers will remember forever.

We invite you to say                      !


We believe that powerful readers change the world!


At YES to the Book, we apply research-based practices and a culturally responsive approach when creating our programs and services.


We provide a literacy program that allows children to see reflections of their culture and provides an opportunity to learn new cultures, foods, ideas and perspectives.  Our goal is to provide an opportunity for children to become interested in a topic, therefore their investment in reading increases. As their investment increases, their skills grow and their confidence skyrockets.


We believe reading should go beyond pointing at pictures in books and repeating or saying the words on the page.


At YES to the Book, we believe comprehension and making connections, is the key to closing the literacy gap in America.  


We believe families and communities play a vital role in educating children.  Many families rely on the teachers and schools to provide education, but we believe for our children to realize their maximum potential, there should be a partnership between the school and the home.



We are passionate about inspiring others!

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